wants to creep you out!
Here you can find scary sound effects and creepy video footage perfect for a Halloween Party!
We also create custom sound design for horror films and action movies!!
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Stay tuned to as we will have horror sound effects for filmmakers available for sale (as downloads). We specialize in scary sound effects and also offer custom sound design, depending on your needs. We will not have hundreds and hundreds of sounds, just the best collection of super scary sounds. Blood Farm is filled with REALLY SCARY sound effects! They are scary and distirbing sounds perfect for the best Halloween party!

The 30 minute Video is $7.49 (USD) (sample below) and it comes with a 42 minute MP3 as a bonus!:

Now available for the awesome price of $7.49:

 -  A 40 minute scary sound loop as a download.

 -  A half-hour video loop as a download

I have been told by users that these sound effects are too scary for the young children, because some animals sound like they are dying, but most people like the creepiness.

Use the drop-down menu to pay the amount from your area.
You will be given a link upon checkout. In the event of download problems, email: and I will personally assist you. Cheers and Happy Halloween! You will always get your download, even if I have to crawl into the internet and hand deliver it to you...virtually, of course.

Halloween Sound Effects Download Area

Haunted Factory - Creepy Video with Sound (28 min.)


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